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Austrian Football Season 2017/18

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with effect of 2018/19 season Austrian Bundesliga will expand to 12 teams. This has been decided last December to give teams that fulfill the requirements for Bundesliga (full professional, suitable infrastructure, financial and sportive considerations) can take part.
Modus: after 22 matchdays and splitting the gained points by half the league will be split in two groups. In the champions group or whatever the name will be the best 6 teams will fight for titel and European spots. There will be 10 games. The winner then will be the champion. In case of same amount of points at the end that team will have the advantage which can "generate" a half point from the splitting, second tiebraker will be goal difference of the whole tournament? I do not know. Romania will certainly help us!
The participants of the qualification group (places 7-12) will play 10 matches as well. Club rankend 12th will relegate to Erste Liga which now will contain 16 clubs (previous 10). For these clubs different kind of requirements will come into effect, they can be everything from professional, semi professional and amateur. Likely teams from 3rd level (3 groups of Regionalliga) which will promote will be amateur teams.The winner of this qualification group will then play against 3rd or 4th (depends how many teams AUT can send to Europe) in one match at home. The winner of this tie will then play home and away against the better ranked team from champions group likely 3rd placed team (if AUT can send only 4 teams to Europe). The winner will play EL. It is similar to Belgium and Netherland.First 2 teams from Erste Liga 2017/18 will now promote to Bundesliga directly, 3rd team will have to play relegation against 10th from Bundesliga. FC Liefering farm team from Red Bull Salzburg are not allowed to promote to Bundesliga).
Instead of 36 matches for each team till now the new modus will only allow 32 matches.

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Ставки на футбольные матчи  в Бетфаир справедливо считаются одними из наиболее популярных, поскольку принимаются они с достаточно высокими котировками коэффициентов, а условия их проведения и прогнозирование подобных ставок достаточно просты и понятны.


Вы здесь » Dynamo Pirates » Форум ультрас » Austrian Football Season 2017/18